The Art Inn Lisbon Rooftop Bar & Dinner | Italian Restaurant with a View

Your Restaurant & Bar in the heart of Lisbon

The ROOFTOP BAR & DINNER has one of the best all encompassing views of the city of Lisbon, and It is the ideal location for an amazing dinner or a successful event. Perfect for a small groups that need an exclusive and unique space to celebrate! The facility and services can be customized to meet your needs and make your celebration a success! Nice atmosphere and Italian food come together in a location with a breathtaking view, offering you a wonderful and relaxing experience. Where travel meets art and food. ____________________________________________________________________
Operational hours: From Monday to Saturday
Lunch 12h00pm to 2h30pm
Aperitif & Dinner from 5h30pm to 10h30pm

Meetings & Events

The Artinn Rooftop Bar & Dinner is the right choice for those looking for a space to hold events in a beautiful environment with a breathtaking view.
Whether it’s a business or a private event – such as birthday parties, weddings or banquets – the Artinn offers the perfect place to celebrate.

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