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The Alexandra Prieto Art exhibition

An exclusive selection of art pieces and fashion accessories by artist Alexandra Prieto can be admired in the Art Inn Lisbon.

Alexandra Conde Prieto was born in Lisbon in 1977. She has a degree in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, and also a Design degree from the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Since 1993, she exhibits her work in several galleries in Lisbon and around the country.

On the surface of each texture, phrase, line and character, Alexandra Prieto creates an imaginary world full of multiple meanings dictating their own rules, taking us on a journey to the art  melody.


“The artist Alexandra Prieto in 2012 gained by  Movement Contemporary Art “MAC Honorable Mention”. Either in its theoretical basis, either in your shed practice, translates not a simple game chromatic extravagance, but as a research tool and finding new formal solutions. The plastic work recreates new forms and attitudes that when they open a new formal space of contemplation, introduce and expand the field of art and can be considered today as percepcionalmente plastic objects where the assumption is involved in artistic aesthetic.”
– Álvaro Faria (2012)

Location: Lisbon
Artist:Alexandra Prieto

The Giuliano Caporali and Renzo Maggi art exhibition

An exclusive selection of art pieces by two important Tuscan Artists, Giuliano Caporali and Renzo Maggi, can also be admired

Artist Exhibitions content

“From Piero Della Francesca to Botticelli the color intensely flies” – Giuliano Caporali

The memory and soul of the Renaissance come to a new life in Caporali’s paintings, represented by those colors which have made the story of the most important period in Florentine history. What he means to do is to reproduce in his paintings simple sensations, linking the past with the present, to give memories a new life, a continue flux of harmonies and balance characterized by instinctive emotions and different states of mind. It is only through the signs, the drops and the overlapping colors obtained spontaneously, that you can capture emotions and memories. Conceptual art has the task to express feelings and sensations that transcend the concept of beauty. The study and passion of Giuliano Caporali push him to conceive new experiments using the same chromatic spectra of Renaissance, to which he is strongly tied. This is the reason why the title of the exibhition is inspired by the colors of the past used like instruments of the memory. The paintings created by Caporali for the room aim to communicate ancient and magic messages, so that the colors can enter the dreams of our guests by providing the right rest and the right emotion .

Artist:Giuliano Caporali & Renzo Maggi

The Renzo Maggi Sculptured Beauty

“Sculpting is my daily life … as I carve the stone I plunge into it and feel my vital energy multiply.” – Renzo Maggi

Art is of course for who creates it, but also for those who benefit from it … it’s a never-ending journey in search of meditative solitude … it holds the deep sense of humanity and the values that can help us to rise out of the burden of life. Surging from the glowing marble of “Monte Altissimo” in the Apuan Mountains of High Versilia (known as “ Michelangelo’s mountain”), these works once again endeavour to narrate the Greek myth of Beauty present in Praxiteles, Michelangelo, Bernini, Henry Moore, Marino and Dazzi. They are on display in this sacred place in Florence – Piazza San Lorenzo – where the Medici commissioned the creation of one of the emblems of the Renaissance. The Church of San Lorenzo, named after Lorenzo the Magnificent, throbs with many works by Brunelleschi, Donatello, Michelangelo e Verrocchio. It is indeed an honour and privilege for me to present to the guests of Art Inn some of my works, the result of my profound passion and love for this particular kind of art.

Artist:Renzo Maggi